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包安装 $1200 WAS $1600加税


1. 智能声光警戒 (ACTIVE DETTERENCE周边采用智能警戒相机,智能识别可疑人员,自动声音警报和白光震慑,灵活通过手机远程加防(ARM)解防(DISARM)。
2. 通过手机远程监控,实时接收手机报警信息,即时查看现场和录像,
3. 通过手机远程语音对讲。实时双重震慑,也可用于访客或快递人员实时沟通
4. 精准抓拍(SMART MOTION DETECTION +)。 精准识别人车,及拌线入侵检测。
5. 事件全彩 (FULL COLOUR):夜间可自动触发白光补光抓拍可疑入侵人员,全彩记录事件全过程。

AI 超高清4K 经济套装优惠
包安装 $1125 (WAS $1500)加税

方案背景:针对传统HD摄像头清晰度不够, 误报FALSE ALARM率高,无法有效提供监控保护。

1. 内置AI 芯片精准抓拍(SMART MOTION DETECTION +)。 精准识别人车,及拌线入侵检测, 大大减少误报,检测率达到99%。
2. 通过手机远程监控,实时接收手机报警信息,即时查看现场和录像,
3. 4K高画质录像检索。Up to 3840x2160
4. 摄像头具备120dB TRUE WDR.

Dionne DSouza

Google Five Stars Review
22 weeks ago

I would like to thank you for the recommendation of our security cameras, installation service and professionalism provided by your company All Smart Security Services Inc. at our residence in Mississauga, Ontario. We appreciate the setup and operational guidance you showed us after the installation was done. The efficient and gracious customer service your team demonstrated was extemporary. We have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Li and his team to anyone who needs security cameras installed. I would give them a 10 star rating for professionalism and customer service….. and I mean it


Google Five Stars Review
4 months ago

Commissioned them to make over 10 drops. Everything was done professionally and to code. Cat 6 for indoor and Cat 5e direct burial for outdoor wiring.

Vasile Stan

Google Five Stars Review
2 months ago

Thanks Victor for your outstanding help, all 6 cameras work perfectly. This give us peace of mind. Thanks again and I will recommend your company anytime and to anyone from my circle of friends!